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Most of these actors are too old, some of the edits are still messy but I’m tired of staring at them on photoshop, and we’re never going to agree on houses for everyone BUT I think I should get a solid B for effort. (list of actors can be found here)

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When I be seeing the posts like:

"I hate cis people!"

"Anyone who’s straight should kill themselves!"

"I hate white people they need to die!"

"Men are scum!"

And then see people trying to write it off as venting, I just roll my eyes into the back of my fucking…

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hey im v sorry you're having such a tough time with the social justice warriors bashing you and shit. i tried inquiring why people hated on cis people and it ended up with me getting called all sorts of names and no one actually answering the question so yeah im just lettin u know that those kinds of people suck but dont let them get u down k c;

Thank you!
I’m just baffled at some of the behaviors these people are portraying. Like, just because you identify with so-and-so gender doesn’t give you an excuse to be a jerk. We’re all people. And then they claim I am the ignorant one.
But anyways, thanks again. c:

All these people telling me I am ignorant because I don’t understand the difference between being comfortable in your birth gender or identifying as the gender assigned to you at birth, or the people who say I’m blind to my stupidity because I can’t see that what I’m saying is wrong (so I’m not allowed to have an opinion or argue for it??) have not made me see things a different way with their backlash and rude comments, it has simply pissed me off. So good job, guys, if that’s what you’re trying to achieve. Which, I’m starting to think it was, with the exception of the 2 (maybe 3) people that actually tried to explain it to me and even then were still kind of bitchy.
I stated multiple times that I was an advocate of anti-hate in general, but all I kept seeing and hearing were people saying I wouldn’t understand because of my privilege, or how stupid I was, or how exhausting it was to explain to me the true meaning of these terms that are in shadow and the majority of people don’t even know exist. The only reason I know is the few times I’ve ever ventured over to the ‘social justice’ side of tumblr (which seems like all it is is threats and fighting). The last time I checked, pure curiosity about something you don’t know about and stating your opinion to go with it wasn’t something that should elicit hate and negativity. Learning is good right? Apparently not when they are the ones that have to teach you.
The attitude of this group as a whole (again, with a couple exceptions) was very frustrating because it seems that no matter how much I pointed out the hypocrisy of the way they were acting and the two sided behavior, they would always say “oh, but it’s okay because we’re oppressed”. Anything they said to me that I tried to question: “you wouldn’t understand”. And the personal insults were phenomenal. Then, one person had the audacity to tell me that people didn’t hate cis people just for being cis. Those insults sure didn’t make me believe that.
Anyways, it’s 2:30 in the morning and I don’t know why I’m writing this because it’s probably only going to get me more hate. So I’m finished.

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I’ve come to the conclusion that I hate tumblr and most of the people on it

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I'm not going to be an asshole like the other people responding to your post, instead I'm going to politely let you know that cis does not mean straight. You can be cis and be gay. Cis means that your gender identity matches that of your birth certificate, which really makes it sound even more silly that people hate cis people. Hope that helped. :)












Thank you so much!
I appreciate you responding politely because I’m seeing that maybe this is where some of the hate is generating from. If people just snap and insult each other and no one actually clears up the confusion it just makes everyone angry and no one knows anything. People fear what they don’t know.

why am i not surprised they respond like this to a transphobic anti-women blog lmao

Just because you’re anti feminist doesn’t mean you’re anti women thanks.

yeah just cause someones an antisemitic doesnt mean theyre an anti jew

gr9 logic tho thanks for playing 

Ok listen up asshole. I really don’t appreciate when people try and make me feel stupid. That is an irrelevant comparison. You can be supportive of women’s rights and not believe in whatever this twisted thing that people are trying to promote as feminism is.

you know what supportings womens rights is called? feminism. theres no exception. youre either with it or against it. there’s no grey area.

That’s the biggest load of crap I’ve ever heard. Have you looked through the feminist tag lately? All it is is hating men. I don’t believe in that. I support women’s rights. Not all that other stuff that is supposed to be “feminism”. Just earlier I saw a post that was debating scientific facts and claiming it was feminism. She said “this isn’t a scientific fact it was created by a man therefore it’s sexist and I don’t believe in it.” That’s fucking insane and I don’t support it.

I cannot believe you actually believe a troll blog made by people like you to make feminism look bad. you claim you dont like me makin you trying to look a fool but youre doing it all by yourself i just gotta sit back and wait lmao how sad

Jesus Christ I’m done here. It’s people like you that contribute to the hate between people and make it seem like there’s nothing we can do to fix it. Goodbye.

nice dodging lmao
but it doesnt change you actually quoted a troll blog
you aint good at damage control

Yeah, but tbf, feminism isn’t one singular group. They’re saying they don’t like parts of feminism.

Yeeeeeesss thank you




And you know what else? I really don’t understand what the big deal about hating cis people is. It’s honestly the same deal as the yesallwomen hashtag because it’s a terrible generalization that makes a whole group of people seem like they are the bad guys.

last time i checked hating anyone was bad. so OP im with you there. a lack of societal privilege does NOT equate with the privilege to be jerks to other people. it’s not justice, it’s not equality, no you can’t rationalize it. it’s just straight up bullying.

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Thx boo ily2



And you know what else? I really don’t understand what the big deal about hating cis people is. It’s honestly the same deal as the yesallwomen hashtag because it’s a terrible generalization that makes a whole group of people seem like they are the bad guys.

I think that’s not true. I see people all the time on this website saying “die cis scum” and if they want me to die then what is the difference from that than hating me personally? Of course that may be yet another hateful generalization.
But another example, all the people who have responded to my posts today. Many of them have been unreasonably hateful towards me for simply saying I didn’t understand why trans people hated cis people so much. Which can only lead me to believe that they hate me simply because I am comfortable in my birth gender (what other reason could there be? I haven’t oppressed anyone personally) which is not a reason to hate somebody.

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And you know what else? I really don’t understand what the big deal about hating cis people is. It’s honestly the same deal as the yesallwomen hashtag because it’s a terrible generalization that makes a whole group of people seem like they are the bad guys.

I was under the impression that cis meant straight and comfortable with your birth gender, but I’ve been corrected. No thanks to people like you who are doing nothing but being assholes and refusing to answer the question.

I didn’t feel a need to answer your questions since cishaming already gave you a very thorough, eloquent answer.  But, on a less condescending note, I’d like to tell you about someone who used to be a friend of mine, and maybe it’ll help you understand a little better?  He was the most racist, homophobic, sexist dude I have EVER EVER EVER met; he was constantly saying things like “why can’t white people say n*gger?”, saying he would gladly beat up gay people, and making fun of me for my jewish heritage.  If you accused him of being racist, which I often did, the first thing he always said was “No, I’m not racist, I have so many black friends!”.  Also note that he was friends with me, a jew, even though he was blatantly anti-semitic (he would say things like “jews are the worst customer, because they’re so greedy and full of themselves”).  He didn’t know I was queer, but he often made fun of me, calling me a dyke for having short hair.  He is friends with black people, jewish people, women, and gay people, but still a huge bigot.

He’s not alone, this is a pretty common thing.  I see it kinda often.  And another good analogy I saw someone make was that misogynist men often date women, and are still raging misogynists.

And that’s not even mentioning transphobia.  But if it’s possible with anything else, then it’s possible with transphobia.  Also, please correct me if I’m wrong, but the woman saying she wasn’t transphobic because she dated a trans man identifies as a lesbian I’m almost definitely sure.  Lesbians can date trans men without degendering them, but it’s also pretty likely for them to degender their trans partners because they “only date people with vaginas” or shit like that.

BY THE WAY, when someone like Cishaming gives you a very good answer to your question, don’t go around saying your question wasn’t answered just because you didn’t like that she was angry at you.

Well, if you had looked into things a bit more before raging at me, then you would have noticed that I did thank cishaming for their answer and I was happy that they gave me an actual answer. I did not say something to you because I “didn’t like that she was angry at me”.
And as for your argument: I do realize that there are people out there that deserve hate like this. But it’s not because they are cis. It’s because of their personality. Just because you’re comfortable with your birth gender doesn’t mean you’re automatically a racist, or a misogynist, or anti-Semitic, or transphobic, or ANYTHING. Cis does not affect who you are or who you hate. That’s a personal issue. The point of my OP was to point out that I don’t understand why people who hate cis people make generalizations against them when there are plenty of people who are accepting of transgenders, and happen to be cis as well. The way I see it, hating cisgenders just because they are cis is just as bad as hating transgenders just because they are trans.
Thank you for your effort to help me understand, though.

Tbh I’m glad you corrected me there, sorry about that.  I mean, I felt part of your point was that you can’t be transphobic if you’re friends with trans people, and I was trying to point out the error in that.  As for your other point, I know a lot of pretty rad cis people.  But, I mean, internalized shit is everywhere, and even really awesome cis people most likely have some degree of transphobia that they work hard to fix in themselves.  Like looking at someone and assuming their gender based on how they look, subconsciously.  They don’t have to do or say transphobic things to recognize they think transphobic things sometimes. And it doesn’t make them bad, as long as they DO recognize it and work on it.  I have this same problem, internalized transphobia, as well as racism and ableism. 

And let’s be real, some very angry trans people might say things like “all cis people are horrible”, but no cis people are actually getting hurt by it, where as trans people are actually hurt by transphobia.  Anyway, no one hates cis people just for being born cis, they hate cis people because trans people are overwhelmingly oppressed by cis people.  Bottom line, hating a cis person because of the oppression of trans people isn’t the same or as bad as a cis person hating a trans person for being trans. Ever.

Didn’t Cishaming already say all this though?  Why are you still saying these things if you were so grateful for her answer?

Why isn’t hating a cis person as bad as hating a trans person? That sounds like oppression to me. And it sounds like you’re putting trans people above cis people. That’s not truly equality. I’m by no means saying what we have now is equality because holy shit we are far from equality. But if you truly want equality you couldn’t believe that.
However, I do agree with the rest of what you said. I’m glad we could come to a little bit of an understanding there.

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And you know what else? I really don’t understand what the big deal about hating cis people is. It’s honestly the same deal as the yesallwomen hashtag because it’s a terrible generalization that makes a whole group of people seem like they are the bad guys.
“I hate cis people…

Well if no one is saying literally every last cis person is bad, then why do I get hated just for being cis?? I don’t hate people just because they’re trans. In my mind, I will judge you based on your personality not the gender you identify as. If you’re a trans asshole, I probably don’t like you. If you’re a cis asshole, it doesn’t change anything. I still probably don’t like you.
As for the yesallwomen tag; I still don’t like it because it may have started with good intentions against misogyny but now it’s evolved into hating men and I don’t agree with that. I’m just anti hate in general.

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